HearGenie Helps People Hear Better By Providing Affordable Technology.

September 24 02:12 2021
The discreet and affordable hearing device helps those in need of sound amplification gain independence and confidence.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – September 23, 2021 – HearGenie has announced the launch of its discreet, affordable hearing device that helps those with hearing impairment more fully participate in life by allowing them to hear all the rich sounds of their environment more clearly.

The company’s release of the HearGenie hearing device marks a notable departure from norms that currently drive the hearing aid market. While most hearing aids and devices on the market are expensive and sometimes out of reach financially for the average consumer, HearGenie is an affordable option giving more people a way to regain their independence and celebrate the gift of hearing.

For those with audio impairments, the HearGenie not only is more affordable than competitor products but also offers a discreet solution to sound amplification. The invisible hearing aid is safely inserted into the ear and provides audio amplification that allows them to better hear conversations, TV or radio audio, and more.

In creating the HearGenie, audiologists sought to create a sleek and effective hearing device at a fraction of the cost of other products on the market. Its design also features smart noise reduction technology so those wearing it can hear the details that matter while dampening background noises that may detract from a conversation or television show.

“The high price of most hearing aids is a cost barrier that so many people can’t overcome. At HearGenie, we don’t believe hearing should be a luxury that only a few people can access,” said Jennifer Washington (Director of Operations) “We’re bringing the gift and necessity of clear, crisp hearing to more people by cutting out the middleman and delivering high-quality hearing devices to more people. And because the HearGenie is discreet, it also gives those who wear it confidence since it is nearly invisible and undetectable by most people around them.”

To learn more about HearGenie and to shop its affordable hearing devices, visit https://heargenie.com/.

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