Zambus Expands Its Distribution Footprint with Two New Lines of Medium-Duty Caster Wheels

September 23 00:18 2021
Zambus has been distributing Carrymaster caster wheels for over two decades.

Zambus Inc. is a USA-based company that has been distributing Carrymaster caster wheels for over two decades. Carrymaster is a top caster wheel South Korean manufacturing company that has been designing and producing many different types of casters used in various markets and industries. This reputable brand is one that many companies across the globe trust for easier pivoting of any size load. 

Carrymaster has always been a synonym for high-quality leveling casters, but its range of products also includes a broad spectrum of traditional non-leveling casters too. 

Zambus is excited to announce the launch of 2 new lines of Carrymaster non-leveling casters. These new lines of caster wheels are made with a lightweight design and can be used on nearly every type of equipment requiring easy mobility. 

Carrymaster ACLHU SeriesCarryamster ACLHU Series

The Carrymaster ACLMU Series and the Carrymaster ACLHU Series are new families of light/medium duty single polyurethane wheel casters with excellent performance in rolling and are highly noiseless. Both Series are highly recommended for carts, medical devices, semiconductor equipment, food production equipment, and many other light/medium duty mobility applications (automated guided vehicles – AGV, autonomous mobile robots). Casters in the ACLMU and ACLHU Series come in many different configurations, including swivel flange (SF), swivel flange brake (SFB), rigid flange (RF). All Carrymaster ACLMU and ALCHU casters are light and have a corrosion-resistant structure. 

Carrymaster ACLMU Series, Light/Medium Duty Single Polyurethane Wheel CastersCarrymaster ACLMU Series

When it comes to casters, Carrymaster has always been ahead of its competition. The Carrymaster ACLMU and ACLHU series are known for having an excellent rotation that’s much smoother than other brands. They are much easier to roll, which makes mobility easier in extensive facilities. 

Why is Zambus Inc. growing its Caster Wheels Catalog?

Thanks to the distribution partnership with Carrymaster established more than two decades ago, Zambus Inc. has always been very active and attentive in catching new market trends and opportunities in the caster industry. Zambus distributes over 150 Carrymaster caster wheel models, all corrosion-free and long-lasting. Each model has been carefully researched and tested before hitting the market to guarantee excellent performance. 

More weight can be carried when it’s transported on Carrymaster casters. Depending on which caster models are used, they can carry anywhere from 99 to 7,920 lbs when used in a set of four. Many companies will only trust Carrymaster casters on their equipment.

Carrymaster is committed to the high-quality design and manufacturing of its products, and they trust Zambus Inc. when it comes to distributing their caster wheels in the USA market. A distribution partnership based on a simple and common commitment in providing only premium-grade equipment re-known for quality, design, and durability.

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