Stat Pest Control Cape Coral Florida Has Some Safety Tips for Wasps

September 22 20:27 2021

One is more likely to come across bugs in the late summer. If they are threatened or handled, wasps will sting or attack. But, when disturbed, most wasps, yellow-jackets, and hornets will sting repeatedly and are very aggressive.

Safety Tips for Wasps. Avoid painful stings with these tips:

• Get rid of any food or drinks that have been spilled, including soft drink cans.
• Avoid perfumes and brightly colored clothing.
• Make sure to keep the attic, garage, garbage cans, and garage clean.
• To avoid being stepped on by hornets or wasps, wear closed-toed shoes.
• Do not leave sugary drinks out and make sure to look before it’s poured.
• Before using weed trimmers and hedge clippers, lawnmowers, or chainsaws, look out for wasps.
• Many wasps attack people who are mowing lawns or trimming shrubs.

One should remain still until the wasps or hornets leave. Don’t swat at wasps. Use arms to fight them off. It may make them more aggressive and increase their chances of being stung. When attacked, move in a straight line and as fast as possible. Don’t flail or swing at wasps. As this could further annoy them. Head, mouth, and eyes are all areas that bees love to attack. As such, lower the head and cover as much of the face as possible.

Don’t be afraid to move if being stung. The wasps won’t stop stinging if they see “playing dead”. Avoid getting stung by jumping into water or pools. Wasps will wait to sting. When one touch the surface, it will sting. Do not tie or pen animals to nests or hives.

To reach a hive high above the ground, one should not use a ladder. Multiple stings can be more dangerous than professional exterminators.

Honey bees can be beneficial so should avoid killing a bee colony. To remove honey from a bee hive, call a local beekeeper. Keep the bee colony active. Homeowners may try to eliminate a wasp nest using over-the counter remedies.

If the goal is to destroy a wasp nest, Remember that all over-the counter wasp killers kill upon contact. Wear protective equipment. When spraying chemicals, do not stand below the nest. When paper wasps are active flying in and around the nest, don’t remove the nest. Before removing the nest from the nest, be sure to inspect the nest the next day for signs of wasp activity.

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