The Power of Design: Beauty Tech Meets Fashion in JOVS’ debut at NYFW spring 2022 with Vivienne Hu’s VHNY

September 22 16:06 2021

JOVS, a revolutionary high-end hair remover and all-inclusive skincare brand, is proud to announce the debut of its leading beauty tech device at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Spring/Summer 2022. Hailed as one of the global premiere fashion events worldwide,  NYFW is also one of the oldest and most prestigious. With annual revenue of over $1 billion and approximately 230,000 trendsetters and fashionistas in attendance each year, NYFW is a staple in the beauty and fashion communities.

To encourage innovative technology implemented within the fashion industry, JOVS is distinguishing the global personal care brand from any competitors working exclusively with the models showcased in an emerging fashion house, VHNY.US, designed by Chief Fashion Designer, Vivienne Hu. Hu’s unique interpretation of the abdominal spirit of New York is showcased in a digital event appropriately titled(CFDA Runway 360).

VHNY is a fashion-forward, contemporary street-wear collection established in New York’s Soho District, the fashion center of New York. The collection has been launched in national department stores, such as Macy’s. The collection can be defined as a street-wear brand encompassing outdoor influenced designers inspired for relaxation. The collection leans into hip signature pieces that exude new age “boss” mentality with comfort at its core. VHNY embodies the essence of the New York spirit and has grown to become the next major fashion house to watch for amongst millennial and Gen Z audiences. 

JOVS is an innovative global personal care brand committed to offering domestic and personal smart beauty devices to beauty lovers of all ages worldwide. Through quality engineering, refined craftsmanship, and a wide breadth of products to make everyday life better. 

JOVS advocates creative design and collaboration with cross-industry brands such as Lamborghini ( JOVS X Lamborghini, with colors like green, rich black, and lined deep red with an inlaid and user-friendly touchscreen interface design from Lamborghini, is a big hit in the beauty world.

JOVS developed their exclusive photoelectric system with patented heat dissipation technology which guarantees that ultra-powerful light only targets the hair follicle without damaging the skin. In addition, the X improves skin quality through its Ion Penetration SR Photo Rejuvenation with graphene far-infrared. These industry-grade qualities deliver nutrients directly to your skin cells, creating bright, youthful, glowing skin. In recent feedback, 58% of customers said they noticed dark spot reduction and improved skin tone after two to three treatments.

However, the JOVS X Lamborghini’s advanced technology isn’t the only luxe quality it offers. It’s the only hair-removal device that provides personalized results through cutting-edge hair-cycle memorization. The X analyzes and remembers the user’s hair type to provide optimal results tailored to their body with this feature. Furthermore, they can customize their experience even further by choosing from the eight different modes, including six hair removal modes and two facial care modes. 

JOVS has another unique model – Venus Pro, with an emerald color accented with a golden champagne finish. “Venus Pro was the first device of its kind to combine sophisticated hair removal and skincare technology with a sleek, ergonomic design,” says JOVS spokesperson. “Venus Pro offers a best-in-class hair removal experience that could be done right at home.” Thanks to its superior design and high functionality, the Venus Pro quickly soared in popularity, becoming one of the top-selling IPL hair removal devices in  Europe, North America, Korea, and Japan in short order. Model Rena Stokes is a big fan of JOVS after trying it.

About JOVS:

Founded in 2018, JOVS is determined to provide the safest, efficient and intelligent beauty products for models and everyone who loves fashion and design worldwide.

JOVS launched in 2019 when they launched their Venus Pro hair removal device. It was the first smart-beauty device of its kind, and it quickly became a favorite across the globe. JOVS was even awarded the Red Dot Award for Design Innovation in 2020 for the Venus Pro’s revolutionary design and power. Since then, they’ve continued to strive for excellence in the personal care industry through collaborations with unparalleled luxury brands like Lamborghini. Their passion for smart beauty pushes them to continue to develop more innovative devices for beauty lovers around the world.

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