Hardwood Flooring is the Most Desired and Can Be Affordable

September 21 17:26 2021

Over the past decade at least, if not longer, more and more consumers are falling in love with hardwood flooring.  Easier to clean than carpeting or tile it also outshines all other types of flooring for its beauty. Three Trees Flooring of Toronto, ON, provides the finest in hardwood flooring of all types to clients in Canada and North America. 

However, because of the cost of solid hardwood, which is made of deciduous trees, Three Trees does specialize in engineered hardwood which is just as beautiful but can cut the costs dramatically.  There are many types of engineered hardwood flooring from which to choose, each with a different price per plank.  What many consumers do not understand is that even when choosing the type of engineered hardwood, installation costs must be factored in. 

While some individuals choose to self-install, to save the installation costs, it is not recommended unless there is a working knowledge of hardwood floor installation as ruined planks can cost much monetary loss.  As an example of the cost, for knowledge alone, Three Tree Flooring uses this formula based on Maple Engineered flooring. 

A consumer can expect, using a maple engineered floor as a guide to approximate the costs of installation.  For approximately 1000 square feet to be covered, maple engineered hardwood flooring will cost CAD 6.50 per plank.  The cost of labor will be CAD 5.00 per square foot.  A consumer can just add the costs of the materials and labor to come up with a total approximation of CAD 11,500 per 1000 square feet when choosing maple engineered hardwood flooring.  The choice of type of engineered hardwood flooring will affect the pricing.

Also, the amount of time an engineered wood flooring will last, which is decades many times, should be given consideration.  The premiere installation of hardwood flooring by Three Trees Flooring will ensure that the flooring is installed soundly and with the best materials and equipment, therefore, increasing the life of the flooring.  A coating of veneer which must have a drying time of 24 hours is applied last and does protect the flooring from wear and tear and give it a glossy look.  Professional installation is well worth the costs for those considering engineered hardwood flooring. 

Although stay-at-home orders are in place in many parts of Canada, and North America, Three Trees Flooring does serve property owners outside the areas that are under these orders, so a consultation with them regarding hours and regions of operation should take place.  This is also a great time for business property owners to upgrade their flooring while a property is empty. Covid-19 regulations are followed according to location guidelines.

About Three Trees Flooring

With the main office located in Toronto, Three Trees Flooring serves Canada and Northern America with the installation of engineered hardwood flooring.  The costs are affordable for the finest installation.  A blog, phone, email, and a contact form are on the website, and consultation is required.  Covid-19 guidelines are applied in all interactions with the public. A gallery of styles exist on the site as does a blog.

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