There is a Way to Obtain Quality Basement Finishing and Renovation Affordably in the GTA

September 21 16:48 2021

Basements many times are overlooked in a residence.  These spaces end up as storage-only areas when there is much that can be done to utilize a basement and add value to a property.  A full or partial renovation will add increased value, of course, by turning a basement into an extra living space or game room.  However, even just decluttering and refinishing a basement even if still used for storage will improve the look and raise the value of any property

Waterproofing in the GTA has never been a building code standard.  Damp-proofing has only begun to be introduced for homes built in the last 60 years, but damp-proofing does not mean waterproofing.  Eventually, any property that is not basement waterproofed will see damage to the foundation of the property.  Foundation damage is serious and costly to fix. 

Basement Renovations Now can do an excellent job of either just a simple refinishing of a basement to waterproof it or a full renovation if that is what is requested.  The costs of refinishing and renovating can vary sharply among companies, however.  The cheapest refinishing and renovating companies are not usually a good choice as it is the quality of the materials that make the difference in the lifespan of a refinishing or renovation job.  Cheaper companies can use cheaper materials.

At the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive companies in the GTA are not always worth the money, either, as they are large and have more overhead. The prices can be higher, but they may supply only the same quality of materials and the same techniques as a mid-priced company such as Basement Renovations Now. 

Even if a simple refinish is all that is needed, the costs of using a company such as Basement Renovations Now are well worth it, as the technicians pay close attention to detail, and quality materials are always used.  This does increase the lifespan of a refinishing or renovation job.  The size of the basement and floor plan type do factor the most in the overall costs. 

For a simple refinishing or renovating of a basement of approximately 900 feet, in the GTA the cost per square foot can range from 35 CAD to 52 CAD.  Most individuals do not realize that a larger job can be less costly, going from about 28 CAD to 33 CAD.  If extras are required the costs will be more. 

With many individuals experiencing stay-at-home orders now, it is a great time to contact Basement Renovations Now and have a basement spruced up and made safer and more livable.  Winter months are approaching and Basement Renovations Now follows all precautions regarding Covid-19 guidelines. The well-being of their customers is the highest priority.

About Basement Renovations Now

Basement Renovations Now, with a location in Toronto, serves the GTA.  The technicians are highly trained and only the highest quality materials used.  The basement refinishing and renovation costs are affordable.  There is a form, email, and phone for contact and a blog for information on all types of refinishing and renovation.  Estimates are always free, and all Covid-19 guidelines are followed when on the job and when meeting with customers. 

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