Pandemic Increases Renovation Investments for Home Offices

September 21 15:58 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has had both foreseen and unforeseen consequences. From more people working from home than ever before to a whole new interest in remodelling and renovating. These two unexpected results of the pandemic even collide. More people found themselves working from home during the beginning of the pandemic than ever before. But, during that time, they realized that their homes weren’t necessarily equipped to handle that comfortably or productively.

As a result, more people are ready to remodel parts of their unused spaces into home offices than ever. Now there has been a DIY trend during the pandemic. Still, extensive renovation projects are always best left to the professionals.

“Basements are often unused and underappreciated space. However, they have some great benefits. For one, they tend to be easier to climate control than the rest of the house because the ground insulates them. They are also great when it comes to providing a private and quiet space. That extra insulation that they have partially underground makes it much more difficult for outside noise to make it into the room. That’s why they make such an excellent choice for a home office project.” Said a spokesperson.

One of the qualities people are looking for in a home office these days is soundproofing. Because businesses are now conducting meetings via zoom so often, being heard and not having tons of background or white noise is an integral part of the modern home office.

Updating a home is a considerable investment. However, it’s an investment that can, in the long run, provide a return. When people house shop these days, they are looking for specific features and options. One of the things rising on that list is a quality home-office setup. Adding a home office won’t only make it easier for the current owner, but it will also increase the overall value of the home.

“Some people aren’t returning to the office even as things start getting a little more back to normal, and it becomes an option. Instead, they have discovered all of these great things about working from home, including not having to commute, which is a big win for many people. Now they want to improve the quality of that environment.”

Home offices are a trend that isn’t likely to go away. Both employees and employers have realized there are rewards to not having to go to work every day. Lots of companies are using hybrid formats where people work in their main office a couple of days a week and the rest from home, and there has been a spike in productivity. So even if this isn’t the case for a homeowner right now, they can increase the value of their home and prepare for a new kind of work future. Remodelling the basement that’s nothing but storage right now into a high-tech home office certainly can’t do any harm.  

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