Funds For Ideas Launches Globally to open up borders and build the future of new technologies.

September 21 02:09 2021
Crowdfunding, startup mentoring, accelerator and decentralized Investment platform

In today’s competitive business environment, entrepreneurs, investors, and start-ups across the world are seeking global opportunities that will rapidly scale their businesses utilizing Fintech, Blockchain, and creativity.  To address this need, Funds For Ideas today announced the Funds For Ideas Crowdfunding and accelerator program. For Ideas’ existing footprint in many countries globally in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America.

As Funds For Ideas expands internationally, start-ups will also benefit from access to Funds For Ideas Partners, a group of more than 20 leading companies in banking, retail, Oil & Energy, Communications, Data, and Blockchain technology. Funds For Ideas ecosystem that provides accelerator programs, education, market intelligence, industry mentors, networking and funding opportunities and services.

Funds For Ideas members include a network of Energy, Real estate, Retail, Blockchain, DeFi, fintech start-ups/scale-ups, and entrepreneurs seeking capital and resources. Investors (private, retail, angel, and venture capital) and industry participants in the emerging digital economy such as licensed dealers, consultants, marketing/media/PR, and finance specialists, lawyers, accountants, and social enterprise groups working to build and advance innovative capital market models, infrastructure and financial products and services.  

The online platform offers proprietary investment opportunities and an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, investors with cutting-edge methodologies that include a digital blockchain platform for decentralization.

Funds For Ideas is membership-based and plugs in global members into a vast network of fintech leaders, oil and energy, manufacturing, communications, and global communities worldwide.  Funds For Ideas Partners was created to provide carefully selected Funds For Ideas customers with a first look at unique technologies and offer start-ups a direct line into these corporates to test their solutions.


Funds For Ideas™ is Led by founder Roger Sahota, a globally known industry leader with decades of experience, who has launched multiple companies and has helped others build a Multi-billion-dollar portfolio. Funds For Ideas  helps brilliant entrepreneurs bring their innovative product and Services to life and gives investors the opportunity to be in an early stage.  Funds For Ideas is a multifaceted ecosystem which fosters innovation, Investment, mentorship, and education. Funds For Ideas offers innovation sourcing, workforce sourcing, developers, product design, sales, manufacturing, and fulfillment services.

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