Individualized Training May Be the Answer to Pandemic Pounds

September 20 21:30 2021

Over the last year and a half, the fitness world has been turned on its head. Gyms had to shutter their doors for months. Most of the world went on lockdown and got used to ordering take-out and avoiding the grocery store to help protect themselves from the virus. Unfortunately, this has had some pretty drastic side effects. Experts around the globe agree that it’s not in people’s imagination; pandemic pounds are a real thing, with some studies showing that people gained around two pounds a month since the beginning of the pandemic.

With the Covid Delta variant still running rampant in many areas, people are struggling to get back to any routine, including when it comes to their general health. Bad eating habits are hard to break, and with such a significant increase in work-from-home positions, many people are more sedentary than ever. Thankfully the professionals are coming up with solutions that can work for everyone during these challenging times.

“Tons of people are starting to realize those pounds added up and are beginning to impact their overall health. For most people, it’s not necessarily an aesthetic thing. It comes down to how they are feeling. Most people feeling a little anxious over the constant covid-19 coverage can give them an outlet and start to feel like they have some control again. In-home training is a safe alternative to the gym.” Said a spokesperson for the company.

Healthy diets are a crucial part of personal training programs. Dropping the weight and eating right might be easy for some, but most people can benefit from some guidance. It may not just be the fast take-out and easy-fix food that’s the problem. But people are often prone to eating more during times of stress as a soothing factor.

Personal trainers are highly knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, and a variety of fitness types and styles. It’s far more likely to be successful when working with an educated trainer than when trying to follow whatever fad happens to pop up on social media this week. Personal trainers account for dietary needs, health issues, and availability. Then, they work with individuals to create a program tailored to their daily lives.  There is no fad involved. It’s about what works for each individual to make it possible to meet their goals.

“Things are at a point where people can start building a routine again and getting back to controlling their wellbeing. There are safety procedures explicitly outlined for things like personal trainers or small group training. It includes social distancing, masking up, and ensuring that everyone involved is as safe from Covid as possible.” The spokesperson added.

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First Class Personal Training is comprised of a team of extensively trained fitness experts who offer in-home training. They specialize in individualized training programs, including both fitness and nutritional guidance. They work with small groups, can create training programs for corporations, and train one-on-one for individuals. They also provide resources for those rehabilitating from an injury and training specifically for senior citizens.

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