Sara Gabriella Battelli helps homeowners become their best through designing their home.

September 20 23:54 2021
“I’d like to do something that truly fulfills me in life, but I don’t know what.”

“I simply can’t figure out why I am, despite years of self-development, still not making the money I know I could make.” “I have always dreamed to live in a home that really feels like myself,” have a solution which one would never seek in home design.

According to Sara Gabriella Battelli, the solution of all of our personal problems can be achieved through becoming aware of one’s home design and by transforming it.

Battelli, a multiple awarded architect, interior designer, coach and energy healer, works with home or land owners to build the home of their dreams which supports them in transforming the challenges of their lives.

The expert developed this pioneering system herself, merging ancient architecture energy science with contemporary Western knowledge of several fields like neuroscience, psychology and physics – of which all have proven the significant influence of space on our behavior. Her expertise in self-development and the application of transformative patterns and features into space design, transforms homes, by owners commonly designed with a ‘style’ in mind, into real living machines which support every aspect of her client’s needs to evolve.

“Architecture and interior design have been often used to satisfy the designer’s or the developer’s vision without taking into consideration the deep implications on our personal development and hence on our success in life,” she shared. “Your home has the power to change your life!”

One of her clients shared this: “Through Sara I have discovered hidden aspects of my life which I wasn’t conscious of before. I have transformed along with my home!” Another one shared, “I would have never thought space could have such an effect on my wellbeing!”

Aside from designing projects from inception to completion, Battelli offers two online courses. “The Architecture of Self-Foundations and Masterclass”. They teach how to become your best self through the power of space.

Battelli was featured in several architectural publications, where she tells her story as a Swiss born, Italian raised architect who built her company in Panama (Central America), bringing innovation to this upcoming country for the past ten years. Battelli works remotely since founding her new company Bioharmonized and, for very selected clients, will travel exclusively to their home anywhere in the world.

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