How to Use Sage to Cleanse the Workplace with Tranquil Wellbeing

September 20 21:21 2021
Wellbeing products for the mind, body and soul.

The American Institute of Stress reports that 80% of all workers feel stressed while on the job. This is due to a wide range of factors such as a heavy workload, difficult work/life balance, people issues and a lack of job security. Stress can wreak havoc on the body and it’s important to cleanse the workplace with sage and other healing tools. Tranquil Wellbeing has tools to create a work environment that helps release negative energy using wellness products for mind, body and soul. Follow these 3 steps and shop products at

Step One: Create an Intentional Space with Crystals and Tapestries

It’s important to establish a dedicated workspace, regardless of profession. Decor that soothes and fosters a sense of calm is essential for creating a productive space. Decorate with crystals and tapestries to channel positive energy and clean, focused thinking throughout the day. To learn more about chakras and crystals, visit, which features free educational information and advice for holistic healing.

Step Two: Cleanse with Sage

Using sage is one of the most popular ways to cleanse. Cleansing with sage is also referred to as smudging. Tranquil Wellbeing suggests smudging in the morning to begin each day with a clear mind and an awareness of gratitude. Smudging is an incredible way to clear and recharge. Smudging with sage can also be done in the evening after work to clear the space and set the tone for the evening. On, there are a variety of high quality sage bundles to choose from such as Sage for Healing, Blessing, Love, Prosperity and more.

Step Three: Establish a Routine

Even the busiest people need to set aside time to practice mindfulness. To create a positive mindset, identify ways to be intentional in day to day life. Tranquil Wellbeing has tools to help each individual set intentions and live to their fullest potential. Take a deep breath, recenter and allow creativity and productivity to replace stress and negativity.

Achieve success through holistic healing on Tranquil Wellbeing with products for the mind, body and soul. For more information, inspiration, or impactful practices, visit or on social channels. @tranquilwb

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