Enriching Gospel Music with Rich and Soulful Lyricism: Talented Recording Artist Norris Williams Unveils New Gospel Single

September 20 19:39 2021
Enriching Gospel Music with Rich and Soulful Lyricism: Talented Recording Artist Norris Williams Unveils New Gospel Single
With the release of his single, “CAN’T NOBODY LIKE JESUS”, Norris Williams is driven to embrace his passion for music, stunning listeners with glorious vocals and unique musical delivery.

Making his breakthrough debut with the new single “CAN’T NOBODY LIKE JESUS”, Norris Williams showcases one of the highest quality blends of the Gospel and Hip-Hop genres of music. Owing to his collaboration with Hip-Hop’s most prominent and impactful pioneer G Man George himself, the dynamic artist immerses listeners in a whole different dimension of Gospel music.

Norris Williams has worked tremendously hard to build a strong fan base with his unique and uplifting songs of gospel; he has made sure to impress everyone around him. Norris has established a special relationship with his followers through not only his music but also with online interactions via social media, spurring important conversations regarding the origins of his discovery of God and religion.

Norris is celebrated as a philanthropist due to his commitment to charitable campaigns, one of which is providing basic needs for the homeless in South Florida.

“CAN’T NOBODY LIKE JESUS” presents to listeners a unique mix of rhythms and lyricism, which has been positively received by the public- with several contemporary artists referring to it as the most impactful song for the youth of this era.

Adding his own inimitable style to the new single, G Man George recounts, “When I heard Norris burst out of my speakers, I was so hooked by this track…the message is inspiring; the song is attention-grabbing and the vocals by Norris are just out of this world.”

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An up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Norris Williams began his journey from humble beginnings, complementing his talent of songwriting and production with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Wayne Cochran on their collaborative first song “Voice for Jesus”. Rooted within Christian notions, the song paved the way for Norris to write music that is inspired by personal struggles and grievances.

Ever since his early stages in music, Norris was always inspired by his fellow friend Wayne Cochran who always encouraged him to craft music in his own way. Besides writing music for his beloved fans, Norris Williams’s passion is to help homeless people in South Florida by providing funds to feed them. The main goal for Norris is to create music that not only touches the hearts of gospel lovers but also to write compelling lyrics which reflects his spirituality. Moving forward, the dynamic artist hopes to be a philanthropist. His passion to achieve his goals has encouraged many young fellows in this generation to follow their hearts and minds.


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