When Poop Hits the Face, Poof!

September 14 17:27 2021
The best way to clean faeces off anywhere!

Let’s say there’s poop on the face, don’t ask why, or how, there just is… and it stinks! Forget the fan, faeces really and truly has hit the face! What are the options, dry tissue paper can’t possibly be enough? It would smudge, smear and leave sickening bacteria residue everywhere. So why is it deemed perfectly acceptable to solely use dry tissue paper as long as the feces is on another area of the body? That’s right, there’s no legitimate answer, it shouldn’t be acceptable!

Here’s the truth.

Regular bathroom toilet roll has been proven to leave behind bacteria residue when used without liquid or additional anti-bacterial substance. Unless people are happy walking around with crap rubbing between the cheeks, it’s worth paying attention to backdoor hygiene. A common misinterpretation is that the solution to this issue would be to introduce wet wipes to the everyday cleaning routine. A devastating mistake which creates a lot more harm than good.

Beware of the wet wipe.

Now more than ever, people are urged to be environmentally conscious and look after not just each other, but the planet. Regardless of whether the packaging claims ‘100% flushable’ or not, studies show that wet wipes can block, damage and rupture vital piping and waste disposal infrastructures. Meaning that every time a wet wipe is flushed down the toilet, it is one step closer to a hefty maintenance bill which will urge natures calling all over again. But is there a solution to this? – It’s not like wet wipes can be dumped into the bathroom bin, the smell alone will make people want to revaluate their whole life. Well, the answer is yes, there is a solution, and it couldn’t be any easier!


The clinically proven spray that turns toilet paper into a refreshing biodegradable wet wipe. Poof! cleans, revitalises, refreshens and has had people all over the nation, wondering how they went about the business without it. By bridging the gap between toilet friendly tissue paper and deep cleaning wet-wipes, Poof! offers a thorough clean without the fear of blocking/damaging vital piping infrastructures.

The movement.

Many men around the world are taking the switch from using conventional dry toilet paper and wet wipes. Well-known celebrities such as Will Smith, will.i.am and Terrance Howard are all men who have voiced their opinions on the matter. Striving for a healthier, refreshing and more hygienic bathroom experience every time!

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