Popular life coach Nadya Andre launches new book sharing the proven secrets of finding the man of dreams

August 04 00:06 2021
“I’ll find you.” offers a tested and proven guide on the tactics to follow to find Mr. Right.

Cannes – August 03, 2021 – Nothing is more blessed than being able to live happily ever after with the right man. However, finding the true soulmate has never been a cakewalk, until now. Leading life coach and hypnotherapist, Nadya, has recently launched a new book that unveils the proven secrets of finding the ultimate man of dreams. Titled “I’ll find you.”, the book houses all those methods and tips that the writer herself has deployed to find her doting husband. 

The book is available in both Print and Electronic version.

In an exclusive interview, Nadya revealed that her new book offers a tested guide on the right algorithms for interacting with a man, creating a winning impression as well as attracting the ideal man into life. “I’ll find you.” presents the recipe to create and live a happy relationship effortlessly and easily. 

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the launch of my new book, ‘I’ll find you.’, this month. The book offers a guide to the labyrinth of male consciousness to help women gather a better understanding of men. It’s important to understand how the mind of a man works to attract the right kind of man in your life. ‘I’ll find you.’ has revealed all the secret strategies a woman needs to design the perfect winning profile and find the ideal suitor. There is no guesswork or uncertainty here; rather you will only find clear rules and tips based on my proven experience”, stated Nadya. 

“I’ll find you.” further covers discussion on safety rules to follow on a first date, the proper date etiquettes to create the right impression, and the technique of creative dating. Readers will also find a guide to identify the Eniostile type of both men and women, ways of effective correspondence, rules of non-verbal communication and more. 

“I feel myself blessed to find the man of my dreams and when I found him, I decided to write a book about it to help fellow women find their soulmate as well. Thus, ‘I’ll find you.’ was born.” 

“The book sheds light on the algorithms of dating sites or how to calculate the one among the many options. You will learn the secret messaging techniques that will help you establish contact and increase interest in you from the first messages. Additionally, you will find many interactive tasks and self-identification tests that will help you to develop a better understanding about yourself and learn the tactics of interacting with different types of men. Reading this book, you will realize how your energy changes during the reading process, and with it the whole world around you.” 

About Nadya Andre

A leading coach and hypnotherapist, Nadya is currently based in London. She advises people on relationships and also helps them to lead a positive and successful life. Nadya is also a fashion photographer and commands a huge following over social media, covering 230k followers on Instagram. “I’ll find you. How to Meet on Dating Sites Easily.” is her first book.

For more, please visit http://book.today.ru.com/ or https://www.instagram.com/nadya.today/

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