Emerging Music Artist and Rapper Agon is All Set to Inspire the World with the Release of “Life Road” Scheduled to Launch on July 31, 2021

August 02 16:21 2021
Agon, an emerging rapper and music artist is proud to announce the second music release “Life Road”, which is set to launch on July 31st, 2021.

Bratislava, Slovakia – Music is one of the best forms of art that connect and bring people together. From listening to music for pleasure to seeking solace, people listen to music all the time at parties, while driving or at home. Agon, an emerging rapper and artist has set on a journey to inspire people through music and motivate them to pursue their dreams. Born and raised in Russia, Agon comes with a distinctive taste and immense passion for music. The rapper is proud to announce the second music of this month “Life Road”, which is scheduled to launch on July 31st, 2021.  

The 46-year-old rapper is currently based in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava and is focusing on inspiring people through. What’s impressive about Agon’s music is that it is rooted in authenticity and brings the raw and original form of music to the audience. Agon uses the art of storytelling to help people connect with the music and resonate with the lyrics. The last release of Agon “Combat Life” encourages listeners to follow their passion and remain steadfast no matter how challenging life gets. The next release will serve as a motivation to help people to try out new paths, make mistakes, keep moving and make the most out of every moment. The song will also serve as an inspiration to help people take control of their lives, dream big and believe in the power of changing their lives for the better.

Agon understands the importance of hard work and talent and shares an unparalleled work ethic when making music. It is no wonder that Agon’s music delivers a sense of spirit and honesty and hence, instantly connects with listeners. Despite the current trend of hip hop music, Agon has decided to use story-telling and scene-setting to create lyrics that inspire a sense of possibility to the listeners. The next release, “Life Road” serves no different purpose. The song will influence people to choose different paths and believe in their abilities to cultivate a positive change in their life. Agon’s stories cover different themes of life, from anthems for the long commutes to more intimate tracks to stay calm and contemplate. The artist’s lyrical flow is positive and meaningful, as he actually aims to share deeper thoughts and stories with the audience.

Currently, Agon is all geared up to take the music scene with style and sophistication undoubtedly breathing a new life into hip hop, but with a clear vision and unwavering vision for the performance. 

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About the Person:

Hailing from Russia, Agon is a 46-year-old rapper and artist. Agon uses music as a tool to inspire the world and motivate people for positive change. With stunning melodic layers and edgy vocal hooks, Agon will capture your imagination and fill your head with tuneful music that will certainly make its way through your favorite heavy rotation playlist.

The rapper is all set to launch the new music release “Life Road” on July 31, 2021.  

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