Both Men and Women Want to Remain Youthful Looking Now

August 02 12:20 2021

The advantages of aesthetic practices now have advanced to the point where now many individuals seek services that will keep them looking more youthful for as long as possible.  As recently as twenty years ago only celebrities had access to services that would allow them to maintain their appearance.  Now, however, ordinary individuals across the world have access to the same aesthetic services that will enhance and maintain a youthful appearance. 

Simplicity now reigns in maintaining a youthful appearance for both men and women.  With the advent of natural lip fillers such as hyaluronic acid (HA), to plump and even out the lips, and Botulinum Toxin, to reduce wrinkling, the increase in individuals seeking these aesthetic enhancements is astounding.  A better appearance leads to greater self-esteem and can also improve social life and even job opportunities. 

Unfortunately, since there is a great demand for fillers, some rather disturbing trends have occurred worldwide.  Untrained individuals in the science of proper injection and placement of HA and Botox have led to occurrences of not only disappointing but some downright dangerous results. 

Incredibly enough, many individuals consider these aesthetic procedures to be a minor treatment, and “Botox and Filler Parties” are showing up worldwide where an undertrained aesthetician will show up at a party and inject Botox and Hyaluronic Acid into the choice of area for the party invitees.  Some very horrid results can occur.

Antiaging Group of Barcelona, Spain is a centre where the best practices of natural lip fillers for plumping using HA and Botox for wrinkle reduction are done by aesthetic technicians who can produce the safest, most natural, and long-lasting results.

 No lip fillers last forever, nor does Botox, but the amount of time and the results achieved safely does depend upon where the procedures are done and who does them.  Antiaging Group of Barcelona welcomes foreign clients who wish to have safe, long-lasting results. 

Results can vary with lip fillers and Botox, and men and women have differing needs.  Men have a stronger facial structure and usually seek Botox for the diminishment of wrinkles in the forehead.  Women tend to focus on that area too but do seek under eye treatments and lip fillers on top of that. 

Buccal Fat Removal is another popular aesthetic enhancement.  Also known as Facial Bichetomy, this procedure removes fat buildup in the cheeks but can also be used to remove fat from under the chin and in the neck.  Both men and women can seek this procedure to avoid ‘chipmunk cheeks’ and ‘turkey neck’.  It is a form of liposuction so also should be performed by a qualified centre such as Antiaging Group of Barcelona. 

No aesthetic procedure is without some risk but finding a qualified centre with well-trained individuals such as Antiaging Group of Barcelona can mean better results and the safest approach possible.  Affordability is also a plus at this centre in Spain where foreign clients are welcomed.

About Antiaging Group Barcelona

This aesthetic centre in Spain does welcome foreign clients and specializes in the proper injections of lip fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid to plump lips and even out lips that are irregular.  Other popular offerings are Botox injections for the reduction of wrinkles in both men and women as well as Buccal Fat Removal.  All consultations are free as is the first visit.  Information exists on the procedures on the website and there is a contact form, email, and phone for quick response. 

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