Used & Refurbished C-Arms Offer Alternative Purchase Options For Medical Facilities

August 02 15:21 2021
A fully outfitted hospital or medical clinic requires a large investment in equipment, such as C-Arms. Purchasing a late-model used unit saves money for the facility without sacrificing quality.

Summus Medical Solutions is pleased to announce that their inventory of used & refurbished C-Arms continues to experience rapid turnover, as more units are purchased to replace those sold. The available C-Arms are from the best known manufacturers, including Siemens and Philips. Several models are in stock, including BV Pulsera, Philips Veradius, Philips BV Libra, and Philips BV Endura. Siemens C-Arm models include the Arcadis Avantic, Arcadis Orbic 3D, Compact L, and Arcadis Varic.

The staff members at Summus Medical Solutions will work with clients to determine which models and brands will best meet their needs. They can also look for other models as they are available to find the suitable model and price. The personnel at Summus have a background in the industry, so they are qualified to provide suggestions and recommendations.

The company not only buys and sells used equipment, but the technicians are also fully qualified to perform needed repairs on the equipment they sell. This ensures that the medical facility is always able to complete diagnostic and other procedures requiring a portable C-Arm unit. C-Arms are an essential piece of equipment used in various applications whenever real-time imaging is necessary. The company also provides consumables and parts for the machines they sell. When a unit is ordered, it can be shipped quickly to any part of the United States.

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The used and refurbished equipment is acquired from trade-ins and upgrades of medical facility equipment. Good maintenance practices mean that the equipment has been well taken care of. In addition, each unit is thoroughly checked, repaired as needed, and completely refurbished with new parts if necessary. Rigorous testing and calibration mean that the unit will produce accurate and dependable readings and images for many years. Customers get all the benefits of a new machine with a substantial discount in cost.

About the Company:

Summus Medical Solutions was launched in 2011 to help medical facilities and hospitals acquire or replace C-Arms with late model units. The equipment is thoroughly tested to provide years of service. The company provides shipping throughout the United States.

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