Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead to Add Cellulite Treatment Qwo® to Patient Options

April 16 02:09 2021

April 15, 2021 – Cellulite has long plagued patients seeking cosmetic enhancement treatments. Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead in Glendale, AZ is thrilled to announce the addition of a long-awaited, FDA-approved cellulite treatment called Qwo®.

Cellulite is particularly insidious because it affects 90% of adult women and 10% of adult men, and diet and exercise are not effective in diminishing it. This is because cellulite contains a type of fat the body does not use for fuel, making it particularly difficult to treat without the specialized training and medical know-how found at Physician Skin Solutions.

But now there’s Qwo®, the first FDA-approved treatment of its kind to reduce cellulite of the buttocks. To understand how it works, one has to first understand the factors that contribute to cellulite. There are three, beginning with thinner skin thanks to lost collagen brought about by aging. The second is the fat layer, which is the necessary cushion that allows comfortable sitting and balance when standing. The third is fibrous septae, made up of collagen types I and III, which run through the fat layer to connect the skin to the underlying muscles. When the septae are not long or flexible enough, they pull down on the skin which simultaneously forces the surrounding fat upward. This is what creates cellulite’s signature “orange peel” texture to the appearance of the buttocks.

Qwo® treats cellulite with the active ingredient, collagenase, which is an enzyme naturally produced by the body to target collagen types I and III. Qwo® is expertly injected into the cellulite tissue at precise depths to target the septae and release their hold on the skin. Once released, the skin smooths out, as does the fatty cushion, so the patient no longer experiences the dimpled appearance of unwanted cellulite. Qwo® also stimulates the production of the kind of collagen skin needs for greater support. This fights skin laxity and age-related sagging by strengthening and thickening the skin, so it appears younger for years longer.

Because Qwo® is made of collagenase, which everybody produces, it does not matter what ethnicity, age, skin color, or body type a patient is—Qwo® can treat anyone. The procedure itself takes only 30 minutes, and patients who have 3 treatments, scheduled 3-4 weeks apart, are those most satisfied with their results. Qwo® is an injectable treatment, so other than the discomfort of a needle pinch and a bit of tenderness at the injection site in the few days after treatment, there is zero downtime. Some bruising is also to be expected.

The best part is Qwo® has been clinically proven effective in reducing the appearance of even severe cellulite. Patients can expect to enjoy the results from Qwo® for years to come.

Physician Skin Solutions at Arrowhead is the brainchild of Dr. Shannon Maltais, whose passion for the art in beauty and the science behind natural looking medical interventions are the driving force behind the clinic’s success. She believes state-of-the-art technology and mastering advanced techniques for dermatology and aesthetic laser treatments are the gateway to helping patients look and feel their best at every age. Dr. Maltais’s commitment to being at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, her grace and world-class treatment of patients, and her cultivation of a caring, highly trained staff have earned Physician Skin Solutions an extremely loyal following. With the addition of Qwo® to the treatments available for patients plagued by cellulite, it’s easy to see why Physician Skin Solutions is Glendale’s go-to aesthetics and dermatology practice.

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