Linda Washington on Battling Breast Cancer and Keeping the Faith

January 21 17:06 2021
Linda Washington on Battling Breast Cancer and Keeping the Faith

Women who are struggling with breast cancer often find themselves suffering more than the actual state of their illness. In addition to having to shun death away every day with a brave face to regain one’s health, these powerful women are also hampered by countless social afflictions and emotional upheavals borne out of society’s wrongful and misplaced judgments. For instance, some people treat these individuals as having been stripped of their womanhood because of the loss of their breasts. And more often than not, the latter becomes a significant problem in the years to come. Taking heed of these pressing issues in the hopes of becoming a pillar of support for these women, Linda Washington has emerged to serve as a reliable figure for those in need.

Using her personal experiences in assisting breast cancer patients and survivors, Linda Washington addresses herself to the challenge of providing these women the strength and comfort they need. Although modern-day society has become more open and more receptive, some individuals remain prejudicial to these thriving survivors. As Linda continues to dedicate herself to lead these similarly-situated women toward hope and self-love, she steps up to become a voice of the unheard.

Having experienced one of the worst and most grueling illnesses in a woman’s life, Linda Washington knew how difficult it was to overcome such a feat. As a matter of fact, she got the better of breast cancer, as well as the physical and emotional abuses Linda endured when she started dating again. And after everything she has undergone, Linda thought it best to share her experiences while spreading love and support to those in need. Packed with unparalleled talents, coupled with a creative flair, Linda Washington made it her mission to permeate love into the hearts of breast cancer survivors through her stories of hope.

Determined to transform her thoughts and experiences into notes of love and support, Linda Washington launched her book entitled “Forbidden And Broken Finding Love Behind The Scars.” This book covers Linda’s heart-touching and awe-inspiring journey of battling and overcoming breast cancer. From pre-cancer to post-treatment, she describes how her life changed from being a cancer patient to a survivor. In other words, the book serves as a platform where breast cancer patients can become inspired and motivated to live a life after treatment.

But aside from its uplifting characteristic, The also reveals the truth about a breast cancer survivor’s post-treatment life. It tells the story of how Linda Washington experienced misfortunes and how she overcame them. Through this empowering book, Linda hopes to embolden women with love and support from similarly situated individuals, no matter how difficult it may seem.

On top of her book, Linda also released two songs entitled “Missing You” and “Love Again.” Performed together with Superstar Lamar, the piece is designed to move breast cancer patients and inspire them to finish the treatment with glory and a newfound purpose to live.

Without a doubt, her passion for providing these struggling individuals a platform to speak has propelled Linda Washington to becoming one of the most sought-after authors across Amazon. As a matter of fact, her tales of trials and triumphs have inspired so many breast cancer patients that Linda released a kindle version of her book. Now, it stands as one of the rapidly-growing titles across the book industry.

With everything that she has achieved, Linda hopes to inspire more struggling individuals and continue to become the voice of the voiceless. And as she continues to spread her cause, Linda wishes to motivate others to share their stories and eventually follow her path of instilling love and hope.

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