Music Producer Tito Tahan on Overcoming Past Trials to Build a Future of Success

January 18 23:12 2021
Music Producer Tito Tahan on Overcoming Past Trials to Build a Future of Success

The story behind people’s success is as powerful as their achievements in cementing their reputation within an industry. How they were able to surpass struggles to get to the summit of their field also sends across an inspiring message to aspirants dreaming of establishing their own names. Hand in hand with his own incredible story of overcoming, Tito Tahan is making waves in numerous sectors.

This power player in the entertainment scene is an American multi-platinum music producer who has left a mark in the industry through various notable projects. Currently based in Cleveland, Ohio, the Peruvian and Puerto Rican go-getter continuously impresses with his wide array of skills and competencies. Not only is Tito Tahan a powerhouse in the music scene, but he is also an investor, coach, sync licensing expert, writer, and content creator.

Throughout his career, Tito Tahan has earned acclaim for his work ethics, persistence, and vision. He is widely known for producing music for TV networks and production companies, such as BET, MTV, OWN, TV ONE, HBO, Lionsgate, and more. Moreover, the self-starter has contributed to projects as an A&R rep for prominent artists, including Onyx, Vado, and JR Writer, to name a few.

His involvement in A&R has allowed him to produce records for iconic hip-hop artists like 50 Cent, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, 2 Pistols, etc. Additionally, the professional endeavors he has embarked on enabled him to build partnerships with countless personalities and as well as gave him the opportunity to enhance his skills.

Tito Tahan, a music business graduate from Full Sail University, takes pride in his inventory of skills and abilities. He praises exemplary communication skills, and he has no problem interacting with a diverse set of people as he knows multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Arabic. Having dropped out of high school, he did not let that stop him. He proceeded to get a GED and then went on to get a college degree, proving that with persistence, anyone can achieve what they put their mind to.

However, it is not his ability to communicate that rests as the primary reason behind Tito’s propensity toward establishing connections with people right off the bat. Above anything else, his attitude about work, life, and success reel them in. Shot five times — in the head, ear, shoulder, back, and arm — when he was a teenager, this survivor was dealt with a bad hand countless times. Yet, nothing could stop him from overcoming whatever thrown his way. Highly motivated by the fact that he survived so many trials, he is currently banking on his past experiences to build the future of his dreams.

In the coming years, Tito Tahan plans to keep the ball rolling. As a coach to upcoming musicians, he aims to help more hopefuls navigate the cutthroat music industry by teaching them the nitty-gritty of music creation, marketing, and business through his website, Furthermore, he is set to solidify his position within the music scene as a music producer whose specialization is in sync licensing for TV and film. 

He is also currently writing a book and is launching another website,, which offers a music library for music supervisors as well as resources for music producers and artists, such as VST plugins, sample packs, drum kits, and more. Tito Tahan also has a recording studio and a record label, Producer Life, featuring his debut breakout artist named Little Bandjo, who is set to release the first quarter of 2021.

Learn more about Tito Tahan by visiting his website and checking out his Twitter, IMDB, Instagram, and YouTube page.

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