Raul Andres Gonzalez III Battles Health Challenges, Masters the Art of Trading and Achieves His Life Goals

January 15 20:00 2021
Raul Andres Gonzalez III Battles Health Challenges, Masters the Art of Trading and Achieves His Life Goals


Raul Andres Gonzalez iii, the 22-year-old entrepreneur who has become a popular name in the forex trading business in the US, has emerged as a role model for many aspiring traders in the country. His success story is even more fascinating because he had to overcome unimaginable hardships and challenges because of a serious health condition he was afflicted with while in his teens. 

My career as a trader took off because I wanted to do something that will help me become self-sufficient and also take me closer towards my dream goals, says Raul. “I have faced many tough challenges in the early days of my life and that helped me become more resilient and focused on my job. I have learned from my experiences that if you simply stay focused on your passion, it is possible to achieve all your goals.”

Raul did not have normal schooling in the later years of his academics as he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which causes inflammation of the digestive tract. He suffered immense pain and had to make weekly visits to the hospital, which made normal schooling impossible. It was impossible to lead a normal life. He was forced to seek online education, which led to long hours of learning and isolation. His social life was as good as over. 

His mission to become a successful entrepreneur began from his mother’s pantry, where he spent as much as 15 hours daily trying to understand how forex markets work. He was confident that his efforts would lead to success, eventually. That’s where his tenacity and perseverance came in handy.

Raul says that without the support of his parents, he would not have achieved the success he enjoys today. It was his parents who drilled this concept of remaining focused deep into his psyche that helped him overcome adversities. He lost thousands of dollars during his learning curve days, but their support and advice helped him remain focused. 

Today, Raul Andres Gonzalez is a name that evokes awe and respect in the trading world. He has even started his trading educational company to help others become successful by providing them all the support and assistance they need. 

Raul has achieved most of the childhood goals that he wished to accomplish as an entrepreneur. He does what every normal person would do, like fishing, skateboarding, and hanging out with family and friends. Trading has helped him become financially stable. He drives his favorite McLaren 720S and has bought his first home recently. 

When people ask him ‘what next’, he says he is just getting started. He says he will continue to help the trading community through his educational and mentoring platform. He is also excited about his project Goat Forex, a brokerage service provider, and will also launch a few projects shortly. 

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