Foundation for Better Living Charity Receives Grant from Riverside County Non-Profit Fund to Establish New Project for Displaced People

October 13 20:33 2020
Foundation for Better Living Charity Receives Grant from Riverside County Non-Profit Fund to Establish New Project for Displaced People

October 13, 2020 – Foundation for Better Living (FFBL) is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Riverside County Non-profit Fund. The support is said to have come at the right time with the overwhelming rise in homelessness throughout the region intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant will also help FFBL to launch a new project titled “The Homeless Depot – A Safe Place for Displaced People.”

FFBL has expressed profound gratitude for the generous grant from the Riverside County Non-profit Fund. FFBL wants to stay ahead of the issues facing the homeless by implementing this unique program that provides a foundation for better living for all who are living on the streets without access to basic facilities. This grant will assure the ability to provide personal-care packages for displaced persons, before the onset of winter. Additionally, it will also help fund street outreach and data collection starting October 31, to establish a new project: The Homeless Depot- A Safe Place for Displaced People.

For the displaced community, use of a bathroom, a hot shower and clean clothes are more than a hygiene issue. They’re a matter of humanity. Cleaning up can dissolve the separateness between a homeless person and the rest of society. It’s a door through which some will come to be matched with the services they need, such as mental health, substance abuse counseling, church and other community contacts and, ultimately, housing. According to the Homeless Research Institute, …Even before the current health/economic crisis, the older adult homeless population was projected to trend upwards until 2030. For example, in Los Angeles, the 65+ population was expected to increase by 54 percent over the next five years. … Far too many Americans are severely housing-cost burdened — 10.9 million households spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. In an economic crisis, the loss of a job or hours at work could quickly lead to homelessness.

With its dependence on donations and charitable offerings, Foundation for Better Living, a 501(c)(3), is working to strike up partnerships with other non-profits, religious organizations, and generous donors. The Homeless Depot program will offer relief and a level of normalcy to the forgotten ones, as well as helping those disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This non-profit organization is committed to making sure that every sufferer can at least have the use of a bathroom, a shower, a place to receive mail and access to programs that meet their personal needs and provide basic amenities of life.  The main goal is to rekindle the “American Dream” in the lives of those who have lost hope. 

FFBL was established by a group of professionals and is inviting philanthropists and other donors, large and small, to join the organization with the goal of making the lives of the less privileged better. The charity is spurred on by the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity for a better life and is set up to work in tandem with its motto:

Foundation for Better Living – Providing a foundation for better living for all!

When quizzed about the relevance of FFBL, a representative from the organization said, “Everyone should be able to have shelter, a home to live in, the basic utilities and food for themselves and their families plus wellness, knowledge, care, and hope for a better future. Together we are making a difference by working with non-profits, faith-based organizations, and donor partners to reestablish the American dream for anyone willing to make the effort. Many of us working with Foundation For Better Living have been in a situation in our own lives where we felt our ‘American Dream’ was in jeopardy or out of reach.

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