Innovative Kickstarter campaign aims to enable the next generation to make smarter career choices

March 04 21:42 2020 is an AR-based 3D-printed Collectible Space Explorer that guides young students about the most in-demand career options so that they can choose the right course for higher education. 

At least 3 out of 4 college students sign up for their college career undecided or change their major at least once. The lack of exposure to in-demand career choices is a major reason behind this unwanted trend. But things are starting to look better. A Singapore based innovative tech startup, Career Discovery, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a state-of-the-art AR-enabled device for enhanced career education. Aptly called, the AR device is a 3D-printed Collectible Space Explorer that will improve the opportunity for students to explore in-demand career fields. is an interactive 3D printed AR-backed Space Explorer figurine that works in tandem with a smartphone app. The first-of-its-kind, the device is designed to eliminate confusion and provide clarity in selecting the right career path for students. This way, they can invest their time and resources in the right courses and land better job opportunities that are matched with the market demand.

1/6th of the US population is in $1.5 trillion student loan debt. Among them, a major percentage of people aren’t working in their degree field. There is a major disconnect between career of interest and in-demand jobs. If young high school students are asked about their career path, many of them end up making less suitable choices, which will greatly affect their future professional life and also the quality of adult life. The major problem here is a lack of exposure and understanding about the in-demand career choices. And this is where comes to help”, stated Magdeleen Jooste, co-founder.

“Backed by augmented reality, presents an educational platform which allows young students to learn at length about some of the most in-demand and exciting careers in the contemporary job industry.”

The device features videos, interactive quizzes as well as challenges themed on the Space industry to ensure an engaging learning experience for the young users. This is only the beginning – as grows its user base, it will also invest in expanding its theme to other upcoming and sought-after industries.

Interestingly, the challenges and questions would be provided by leading corporations, governments, entrepreneurs, and institutions working in the field. This way, as the students progress, they would get noticed by these industry-leaders, potentially creating a professional match in the future. Not only that, but the Space Explorer will also enable young users to learn from industry professionals about the scope of the job as well as the education and experience required to thrive in their respective positions. 

Using is extremely simple:

  1. Download the app and place the Explorer figurine on a flat surface
  2. Open the app and scan the figurine to activate Space Modules in the AR app
  3. Select options from the menu, choose career categories, play videos, take quizzes or participate in a challenge

“ is something that all high school students and their parents have been waiting for. It will guide you in signing up with the right college course so that you can find yourself in an in-demand job market in the future. However, as the device involves high-end technology, it calls for robust financial backup. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring to life and secure a prosperous future for the young generation today.”

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