Indian-American Wonder Kid Surprises Everyone Once Again by His Ability to Play World Musical Instruments, This Time 107

September 06 23:36 2019
Indian-American Wonder Kid Surprises Everyone Once Again by His Ability to Play World Musical Instruments, This Time 107
A local teen in California is now hitting the name by storm by mastering 107 musical instruments for a very short time. He broke his own previous world record and made his new world record “Youngest to play maximum no. of Instruments: 107”

Elk Grove, CA – Neil Nayyar, an American-Indian boy living in California, is now making a buzz, as he was able to play and master 107 different instruments. At a very young age, Neil has mastered 44 instruments. Surprisingly, in less than two years, this wonder kid isn’t tired to impress people with his amazing instrument skills. The musical sensation has gone now to master the different musical techniques and tones of 107 musical instruments.

This amazing wonder kid can play the harp, harmonic diatonic, mandolin, Australian didgeridoo, African djembe, bansuri, ukulele, clarinet, bulbul taring, American Indian flute, piano and plan flute among others. Recently, this seventh-grader has been acclaimed by the Indian-based ASSIST World Records Research Foundation as the “Youngest to Play Maximum Number of Musical Instruments.” What’s more, Neil also got a chance to be invited to the famous The Steve Harvey Show as well as in Guinness World Records as well.

When asked how he manages to learn and master 107 different instruments, he said, “It just happened.” It was known that Neil set aside 8 hours every day for his practice. He also takes classes from twenty-five different music professionals. His talent had become apparent when he was participating in a drum class when he was five.

According to an email interview with the, Nayyar shares that his collection of instrument are his favorites. He gives equal importance to each of them. For him, they are part of his musical journey, and one of them has their equal significance in music. 

Currently, Neil is in the middle of signing up with an acting agency in Los Angeles, California. The 13-year old teen is making a move, which will get him to understand further and be familiarized with the whole entertainment business.

Supports and fans of this young teenage can expect more, as Neil has recently spent his time composing a song, which will cover all 107 of his instruments. This album is anticipated to be released in 2020.

About Neil Nayyar

Neil Nayyar is a talented young boy who can play different instruments at a very young age. He was already seen in major TV shows such as The Steve Harvey Show and America’s Got Talent. Apart from playing music, Neil is also interested in Bollywood dance; martial arts, hip hop, jazz, and he also love watching Salman Khan movies. Neil also has an interest in painting, and he has created over 100 oil and watercolor paintings.

To learn more information about Neil Nayyar, contact him at (916)385-3784 or send him an email at [email protected]. More information about his life can be found at

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