SMX: Transforming the Scrap Metal & Precious Metals Industry

June 27 12:16 2019
SMX: Transforming the Scrap Metal & Precious Metals Industry

June 26, 2019 – It is time to face the harsh reality that our natural resources are limited and depleting globally at an alarming rate. The answer lies in efficient recycling that minimises the need to mine, protecting the natural environment for Flora and fauna to thrive. Spurred by this need to preserve our fragile ecosystem, the global scrap metal industry is poised to cross USD 406 billion in 2020.

For buyers, traders and sellers dealing in scrap metal is a daunting task to meet requirements with quality products that are priced competitively. To facilitate this process, Scrap Metal Exchange (SMX) provides a platform that has made this entire experience as easy as a press of a button with their web portal and mobile application.    

With leading industry experts on their panel that provide advisory services to keep buyers and sellers updated with global trends and prices, SMX has long term contracts and exclusive agreements with major players in the metal recycling and precious metal industry across South East Asia, Europe and America. This creates a global showcase to buy and source scrap metal products.

Mathew John CEO of PMR metals PTE LTD / SMX: “We live in the world of smartphones and to be able to do business on a mobile app for our industry is an absolute game changer. We are truly connecting the dots and making the world accessible to you at a click of a button.”

Today SMX is at the forefront in facilitating a seamless exchange between buyers and sellers when it comes to grading, pricing, procurement, shipping and delivery of ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals. An in-house financing option completes the portfolio making this a single window to streamline all your requirements. Their spectrum of services is ushering an eco-friendly economy and creating green jobs in Australia and across the world.

With a customer database that has grown exponentially since its launch a year ago, it can be said with confidence that SMX is transforming the traditional business model for the scrap metal industry.

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